"Houdini for the 21st Century... Magic has never been so magical.”

  • Star of Impossible, London's West End
  • Clients include Sir Terry Wogan (BBC Children In Need), The Next Greatest Magician (ITV), Get Your Act Together (ITV, BBC One Show, Michael McIntyre's Big Show (BBC)
  • UK Tour of iMagician, 3 years in a row.
  • Known as the iMagician, because of his ground breaking magic and use of technology
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” said Arthur C Clark, and those words perfectly describe Jamie Allan, who is being described by the press as ‘Harry Houdini meets the 21st century’.Jamie fuses magic with technology, performing and designing incredible illusions with iPads, holograms, laser beams, Facebook and Twitter.Following sellout performances in 2015 of the UK premiere of Impossible, in London’s West End, Jamie performed his unique, signature iPad illusion, ‘Digital Art’, live to millions of viewers around the world to close the BBC’s ‘One Show’. He has repeatedly wowed audiences on BBC ‘Breakfast’ and ‘The Slammer’, ITV’s ‘Alan Titchmarsh Show’, and ‘Get Your Act Together’. In 2016, he thrilled a packed theatre with his mind-blowing performance on ‘Michael McIntyre’s Big Show’. Jamie also stars in ITV’s prime time show ‘The Next Great Magician’.“…His purpose is not to fool us as such, but to recreate for us that sense of wonder we used to experience as children. Jamie offers his magic to the audience as a gift.”“…Magic is the new EDM for millennials…One of the few truly multi-generational forms of entertainment…”“iMagician is a perfect fusion of past and present…With glimpses into the future of ‘what might be’… Hugely informative, enlightening, thought-provoking, and ultimately entertaining.”“The show ended with quite possibly the best live illusion I have ever seen… It left me absolutely awestruck wondering how on earth Jamie had done it.”“Harry Houdini meets the 21st century.”“One illusion, using a combination of Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, was quite simply astounding. It was impressive stuff!” 


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